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Scooby Doo The Mystery of the Pyramid, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea Fri 2 – Mon 5 May

Scooby-Doo and the gang are back by popular demand and with even more Spooky Mystery and fun – this time in the Pyramids…………….Warner Bros’ Cartoon Classic Comes to Life!

Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne arrive in Egypt where they must solve the mystery of Pharaoh Hatchepsout’s Pyramid.  Easy, you say?  Not if the gang has to deal with mysterious mummies plus the wrath of the Pharaoh who will transform anyone who dares to approach the pyramid… into stone!


For as chance to WIN a family ticket to see Scooby Doo at the Cliffs Pavilion, enter here:

Scooby, Shaggy & Velma took part in a Q&A session and here is what they had to say:

1. Mystery Inc. has solved a huge number of cases in a variety of places. Are you looking forward to going to Egypt?
Rery much! We’re relping our friend Otto find the reasure inside Rharaoh Hatchespout’s ryramid
2. Egyptian food is varied and unique. Do you think they will have Scooby Snacks out there or will you have to take your own?
Re’re always rungry so we’ll rake rooby racks just in case.
3. Is it scary hanging around ancient Pyramids?
(Scooby’s teeth chatter and he looks worried) Roinks! It’s really rightening in the desert!
4. What would you do if you saw a real life mummy?
Rrrrrun for it!
5. The mystery machine is travelling to theatres all over the UK isn’t it? Are you excited about the show?
Ree hee hee hee, I love meeting Scooby fans. We’re going to have such a great time. Rooby rooby roooooooo!

1. What’s it like being in Egypt?
Scoobs and I didn’t know what to like, expect. At first we thought we’d have a chance to like, go to the beach. But when we got there we realised that deserts have loads of sand, but no sea. It’s like, sweltering out there!
2. How do you find your way around?
The gang are pretty good at map reading, after all solving mysteries is, like, our business! But our friend Otto’s also there to help and he’s like, great at Egyptology.
3. What’s your favourite thing about this mystery so far?
You guys will have to come to the show to find out. But like, it’s great hanging out with Scoobs and I’ve also been having some luck with the girls this time!
4. Have you come across any surprises in the desert?
Zoinks, the desert is like, full of surprises! Egyptian mummies, sandstorms and stange visions. It’s like, crazy out there.
5. What do you miss about home?
Pizza! We’ve brought plenty of Scooby snacks with us but Scoobs and I are always hungry. Nevermind, that’s a good reason to solve the mystery and hurry up and get out of this place.
6. You sound like you don’t like it here. Are you scared?
Me? S-s-s-cared? Well, I admit it, Scoobs and I are sometimes a little like, jumpy. In fact, did you hear that noise? Sounds like it might be Pharaoh Hatchespout…zoinks!

1. We’re excited about seeing another adventure live on stage – how do the mystery gang always end up getting involved in mysteries?
We’re famous for solving mysteries, so people call for our help. Our friend Otto asked us to go to Egypt.
2. What do you like about these adventures?
I’m great at finding clues and cracking codes, and there are some ancient Egyptian letters called hieroglyphics that are keeping me busy right now.
3. What’s it like hanging out with Scooby and the rest of the gang? Scooby and Shaggy are great fun but they’re not very brave when we’re in scary situations. That’s where me, Daphne and Fred come in.
4. What will it be like solving a mystery in a theatre? We’re so excited about getting help from the kids from Essex. There’s definitely something funny going on in the Sahara desert and we need to get to the bottom of it.
5. Has the mystery gang been to Southend before?
The last time we headed out to the Cliffs Pavilion in the mystery machine was about five years ago and we had a great time, so it’s high time we did it again to see some old faces and make some new friends too!


To book tickets visit

Or call: 01702 668026



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